Daderday and 2020

Hi Everyone! 


Lets catch up! I've been busy with my family and enjoying being a husband to Shelley Mac and a father to my son Jesse Mac. It seems like everyday is Daderday for me. I've been blessed to be able to spend everyday with my son for the last 4 years. From taking him to school to picking him up and enjoying watching his milestones. Coming from a world of constant music and business focus, it has been nice to be able to travel with the family and spend quality time in these formative years. A side effect of love and joy has also been the emotional inspiration to write music. I must say, the first collaboration with Jesse, my, now 6 year old, was hilarious. We wrote our first song together and performed it in front a large group of friends. The day we wrote it I was alone with him and Shelley Mac was running errands for a few hours. I said to Jesse, "Lets write a song! What do you want to call it?" his response was, "Dinosaur Poo"..... So thats what we did. We wrote a song called Dinosaur Poo and it had such a great melody Shelley wants me to turn it into a serious song. I'm undecided whether or not I will change it. Nevertheless, we are adding it to our catalogue for performance with Jesse, as of course, "Dinosaur Poo" I think that title is apropos for a (then 5 yr old) boy. 

Shelley and I have written about 25 new songs for the new record and are planning on recording in 2020. We will be playing these songs for regional audiences and testing the crowd response to decide what we want to record. However, we are having a blast being back in the saddle again. We had a few rehearsals before the first acoustic show, but chemistry always prevails with us, and the shows this year have been well received. I'm really looking forward to building the new band and gearing up for some touring in the US and New Zealand in 2020 and 2021. We are currently working with John Glover (G-Lovuh) as our producer. John and I have worked together for 15 years on all my records with producer and friend Randy Miller. So when G-Lovuh came down to Texas to work with us it was like a family member and band member was back in the house. Talk about chemistry and brilliance ( on his part). Needless to say, we will be making a lot of music for the next couple years. I cant wait for everyone to hear it. I will start posting some videos soon and share some of the new ideas, songs and interviews and podcasts we will be on. So stay tuned! Love to all you Rockers!

Just Rock,