the renaissance man

When Texas Rocker, Rod Williams, is not being a husband, father, entrepreneur, speaker or philanthropist, he can be found strumming Black Jack or Mary Anne (Who's Gilligan?) to name but a few of the guitars he has collected along the way.   Life has certainly produced plenty of highs and lows for Williams, which led to a wonderful series of catchy jaded love songs.  Today Williams' tune has changed somewhat and it comes as no surprise that the loves of his life currently inspire songs of courage, wisdom and hope.

How Do Music Royalties Work 

Hey Music Makers!

How do music royalties work? That's a question that I had to learn through research and trial and error, along with about 20k in legal fees to get paid finally. It's something that all young and old musicians should know or learn ASAP. Below I have an article that was written by Lee Ann Obringer. She has identified all the avenues in which a musician can collect. (Or get screwed) Keep in mind, with any business "cashflow is king". Without cashflow, you are broke or working another job. Therefore when reading this article always be thinking how each revenue opportunity or revenue stream can be created using your music. White board the ones you identify with and start planning around how you can create cashflow streams with your music royalties, mailbox money. Post any questions regarding the article and I will respond.

Rod ~

Music in cool places 

It started in New Zealand during his tour of 2011 with Sting.  A marriage, a new business venture and a baby boy later, Williams is finally heading back to the land of the long white cloud. So stay tuned for more music in cool places!



Rod Williams is known for grabbing his guitar and getting behind a good cause.  The Bastrop fires were no exception.  Here Williams and his New Zealand wife, Shelley Mac, bring it to the Wild Fire Benefit for Texas.


It's always fun to pull up some old footage.  Here Rod Williams is performing one of his singles, 'Unreal', on Houston's WFLA Daytime Show. Enjoy!

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